APSPad for Acute Pain Services


Acute Pain Services often use rudimentary paper based referral and patient lists to organise their patient intake and ward rounds. Missed referral or consultation has the potential for devastating patient complications. APSPad assists with the timely review of patients with invasive acute pain modalities.

APSPad has been developed by Mobito specifically for the management of the issues confronting Acute Pain Services. APSPad is an iPad based application that interacts with patient management systems to ensure patients are appropriately followed up based on their clinical requirements.

APSPad benefits for clinicians

Efficient Wards

Structures patient lists for efficient ward rounds and allows for flexible patient follow up according to their clinical need.

Simple User Interface

Simple user interface that collects the salient clinical and research data without being onerous on clinical activities.


The feedback loop to the treating anaesthetist provides an opportunity for gaining valuable CPD points by facilitating self auditing of clinical practice.


Provides patient's demographic, location and surgical procedure information from hospitals servers minimising data entry requirements and facilitating clinical data mining queries.

Reports & Analytics

Monthly reports can be generated closing the loop to the initial treating anaesthetist by providing post operative pain progress and complications for their patients. Allows for comparison of their patients progress to the average progress for the whole department.

Theatre IT Systems

Acute Pain Services using APSPad have their patients referred directly from theatre IT systems.


APSPad benefits for patients


Logical, stable and reliable workflow to ensure patients are referred to the hospitals Acute Pain Service via the operation theatre information systems or via the wards by an intranet based referral system.

Admission Overview

Provides an excellent overview of the patients Acute Pain progress during their admission as well as their current treatment modalities and associated complications.

Follow Ups

Ensures patients are followed up during their admission based on their clinical requirements.

Location Tracking

Ensures patients are tracked even if their physical location changes. APSPad updates the patients ward and bed location via the Patient Administration System.

APSPad Pricing

Small Hospital

  • Ideal for small scale hospitals
  • Basic reporting
  • Free trial
  • Save 10% on a 3 year contract
  • Clinical Audit module
  • Hospital system integration

Medium Hospital

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  • Ideal for medium scale hospitals
  • Basic reporting
  • Basic data mining
  • 1 clinical audit
  • Hospital system integration

Enterprise Edition

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  • Ideal for large scale hospitals
  • Advanced reporting
  • Advanced data mining
  • Unlimited clinical audits
  • Hospital system integration

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